An Interactive ebook:

Robust Information accessed with a click, tap, swipe, or pinch

Because this publication is offered in the iBooks Store format, Lean On and Lead is able to provide economic and other related  information and data via maps, infographics, audio, and video using "widgets."  Furthermore, the "living document" aspect of the ebook means that readers can interact with each other and the author, and that updates reflecting that interaction can be delivered to readers on an ongoing basis.



In Lean On and Lead, the video, audio, interactive diagrams, and slide shows provided through the Apple platform bring content to life.  These widgets provide embedded background and historical context to parents' stories, helping to illustrate how overcoming the assorted challenges of raising families is connected to innovating our economy.  (Lean On and Lead and the interactive widgets are currently only accessible to Mac iPad and OS X Mavericks iBooks application users.)



Because of the unique interactive nature of the ebook, Lean On and Lead is therefore accessible and interesting to a wide range of readers.  Those who are primarily interested in the personal stories do not need to tap on the widgets. Those who do want more data will have access not just to data and academic material, but to studies, reports, and other published works, as well as links to advocacy organizations, and even active campaigns working to change policy. 



Thus, the interactive nature of the ebook has the ability to link readers in an active community – and a movement to create real change.



At any time throughout the ebook, readers can highlight a passage, select it, tap on the “note” button, and then write a comment, either for themselves or to share by emailing to



Feedback will be collected and depending on how the project progresses, forums will be developed for interaction among readers and interviewees and to support direct action.



There are many social, cultural, and policy changes that we need to make and can make in our communities -- and with this platform, we can redesign our society together.  


Interactive graphics provide detailed information.

Working Mothers, Lean On and Lead Working Mothers, Lean On and Lead

When you tap on on this graphic, additional maternity information is provided in a pop-up.